Friday, June 12, 2015

Off  The Beaten Path….

It was a very long winter here, but as spring leads into summer, I hope to capture many more photos of historic and beautiful churches!

I did just that on a recent impromptu trip up north to Vermont.  A last minute get away was just what the hubs and I needed after a year of doctor appointments, cancer treatments, surgery and procedures!  I thank God he is in, what I hope to be, a very long remission.

When I see a lovely church building it makes me stop and think.  It's not just a beautiful building, it's a place where people come together to worship our creator and pray for one another, comfort and encourage each other.  It's what communities have tremendously relied on for hundreds of years!  This is why in my travels I love to explore, photograph and learn as much history as I can about these vital and historic buildings.

Taking a back road road, instead of staying on the main route, prooved to be pleasant adventure as we came upon this little country church!  Although neglected and decaying, this building stands proud against the backdrop of the majestic mountains of this rural Vermont town of Sunderland.  The hillside cemetery accross the street confirms the many people that worshipped here in days gone by.  Many of these graves flying the american flag in memeory of their service to this country.  I find it interesting, as I look back, how I was drawn to this place on this day, as it was Memeorial Day!

Sunderland Union Church
This wooden structure has many interesting details like the fish scale shingle siding, fan over the windows and the dentil pediment over the door.

Although weathered from the harsh Vermont winters the subtle architectural details show a craftsmanship from days gone by.  The main entrance is my favorite! The faded color of the door and the missing light bulb evoke a ghostly feeling.

I am glad to have found this little church.  The peace and tranquility of the location is just perfect for reflecting and imagining life as it was here in this little town years ago.
I haven't been able to get much info on this little church, so if anyone reading this knows any of it's history please comment.  I'd love to learn more!