Sunday, March 15, 2015

Church Door Red!

What is it about a red door on a stone church? This one sure captured my attention. This is St Pauls Church-Brookfield, CT.  Built in 1939 after a fire destoyed the original building on Valentines Day in 1937.  I think the red door is verry fitting!  
I found the story archived here:…/ho…/the-fire-1937.html

Here's another great example of how a red door catches your eye. This beautiful stone church is St. Johns Episcopal in New Milford!  Sitting on the town green, the church beckons you to come in!

And I can't say enough about the beauty of this next church.  St Michaels Church Naugatuck, CT
Well there's much detail going on here in this great church! 
It was built in 1875 and designed by David R. Brown. The style of architecture is High Victorian Gothic.

And who doesn't like a white church with a red door?  This is perhaps my most favorite combination!  I'm sure in my travels I'll come across many more red door churches.

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