Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Inner City Gem!

In sharp contrast to the last church post, this inner city church may not have the same outward beauty and picturesque setting, but is rich in subtle detail!  I found this gem tucked away on a small neighborhood street in the citys North End. Flanked by three family houses towering above, the structure stood out like a sore thumb! 

 I'm not quite sure what style the building falls into because the details suggest both Federal and Gothic Revival. The brick material along with the pointed pediment over the door and pilasters are detais of the Federal style and give the entrance an understated detail.  The arched stained glass windows give this building a gothic feel, and the cross at the peak appears to be copper, due to the aged green color.  Although the building could use some repair, it looks like a place that would welcome all who seek refuge.
I am still looking into the history of this building now being used by The Victory Tabernacle Church - Waterbury, CT. The corner stone reads 1903-1928. 


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